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Why iLinko


is a fast growing B2B product development and sourcing destination that orchestrates design, engineering and procurement to maximize the value of your business.



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Why iLinko
Social Competence
Global Network

Head Office:
21A Sunrise Industrial Building
10 Hong Man Street
Chai Wan
Hong Kong

Phone: (852) 3112-2288
Fax: (852) 3119-0719
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The convenience of a one-stop shop from product development, through production management, to customs clearance and delivery.

A premier vendor network

Sourcing teams in five countries work together to identify best cost and best quality from our vast and highly competitive network of hardgoods manufacturers in Asia.

Rigorous supplier audits spearhead the continuous improvement and development of our world-class vendor base.

Social Responsibility

Social compliance is mandatory to qualify as an iLinko vendor. We support the principles of the Business for Social Responsibility ( and Global Compact (

Maximum Flexibility

A complete sourcing solution or just the services you need. Customize the relationship from our menu of options.

iLinko delivers your productivity goals, locking in the competitive advantage you've been looking for.

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