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We are an alternative to complement your current manufacturing capabilities.


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Head Office:
15C Wah Ha Factory Bldg.
8 Shipyard Lane,
Quarry Bay,
Hong Kong

Tel: +852 3112 2288
Fax: +852 3119 0719 Send us an email


If your business spends over US$ one million per year on direct sourcing, you will benefit greatly from an iLinko Direct Materials Sourcing Audit. iLinko will enable profit recovery.

A market-transforming product is powerless if not manufactured correctly. With iLinko design OEM support, our experienced buying and QA teams oversee your project through pre-production, sampling follow up and manufacturing; supporting your factories, ensuring the integrity of your design, and promptly resolving any issues that arise.

iLinko focuses on:

  • Productivity savings
  • Quality
  • Service Levels
  • Average lead time gains