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We move your goods. Worldwide.


Scope of our logistic services:
Value-Added Services


Why iLinko
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Head Office:
15C Wah Ha Factory Bldg.
8 Shipyard Lane,
Quarry Bay,
Hong Kong

Tel: +852 3112 2288
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The complete solution
Whether your goods need to move by air, ocean or road, iLinko gives its customers a single solution for global door-to-door distribution.

Thinking outside of the box
Supply chain management is not just about moving freight. It's about looking at a much bigger picture, making the most of your core competencies and outsourcing those that are not.

iLinko supplies the big picture
Today, companies are aggressively looking for ways to turn their supply chain into a competitive advantage. iLinko offers a complete array of supply chain services that increase efficiency, reduce costs, reduce cycle times, add value for customers and create a competitive advantage.

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