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Head Office:
15C Wah Ha Factory Bldg.
8 Shipyard Lane,
Quarry Bay,
Hong Kong

Tel: +852 3112 2288
Fax: +852 3119 0719 Send us an email

Value-Added Service

iLinko provides flexible, value-added services that go far beyond just transportation and distribution. iLinko can act as an integrator of material and information services in order to provide best-practice solutions for our clients.

iLinko can offer you real-time information about the status of goods at any stage in the supply chain, or to put it another way, creating total visibility of goods in transit in what we call the "Glass Pipeline."

Services offered include:

  • Track and Trace
  • Materials management
  • Information technology
  • Customs & documentation
  • Import/export control
  • Consultancy Service
  • Multimodal transportation